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40 million joined festival across Southeast Asia

All eyes were on China during the 11.11 shopping festival, but across the region, more than 40 million shoppers outside China were also spending big.

Alibaba’s Lazada platform, which operates inIndonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, the Philippines, Malaysia and Singapore, posted sales of US$11 million in just the first 100 seconds of the festival beginning, at midnight on November 11.

More than 400,000 brands and sellers took part across Southeast Asia; in Malaysia, the number of 11.11 sellers was 40% higher than a year ago. Over 8,000 Lazada sellers posted sales topping US$10,000 over the 24 hours of the event, with two posting sales of over $10 million.

To promote 11.11 to consumers around the region, Lazada this year worked with brands to present over200 million deals, and made available more than 700 million vouchers offering free shipping on selected products. 

A new interactive game, called “Happy Bounce”, was launched to make 11.11 shopping more fun on Lazada, with over US$2 million worth of coin rewards and vouchers available to win. 

The game was an instant hit, with over 70 million minutes layed on the game since it launched, and more than 20 million vouchers collected by players on Happy Bounce and another game, Fun Farm.

The Laz Live countdown event to the beginning of 11.11 sales attracted more than 11 million viewers from across the region, an increase of 380% over last year.

Leading brands included Honda, Thai fashion brand MITR, Indonesian personal care brand ELLIPS, Singaporean snack brand Irvin’s, and cosmetics brand Sunnies Face from the Philippines.