Cleaning brand smashes goal to quadruple sales

The US floorcare company Bissell set itself an ambitious goal for this year’s 11.11 shopping festival: to quadruple the sales achieved during the brand’s 11.11 debut in 2019.

“I’m happy to report that we actually over delivered,” said Max Bissell, a member of the Bissell family behind the business, which is based in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

Speaking in the closing moments of the 11.11 shopping festival, he said: “The team in China and us here in Michigan are absolutely celebrating and ecstatic.”

Bissell said intensive livestreaming was a significant factor in the brand’s success this 11.11.

“We livestreamed from our office to the team, our flagship store, throughout the night, 16 hours straight. And it was a great way to engage with consumers and talk about products.”

Bissell is a 140-year-old business but has been in China for only three years. Bissell sees a big future for the brand in China thanks to growing local interest.

“The floorcare market in China has quickly become the number two market in the world by value, behind the US,” Bissell says.

“And if we look at the growth, our expectation is that China will overtake the US and become the largest market over the next several years. So for us, being a multi-generational family business, we’re really focused on growth in the future. I personally believe international is going to play an important role in that, and China is the biggest opportunity.”

This year’s 11.11 event was very different to last year’s for the Bissell team, given that people couldn’t all gather in China in their on-site “war room” as they did in 2019.

“Tmall really made it into a celebration (last year), which was pretty cool to see celebrities like Taylor Swift on site, and the CEO of Alibaba Group was going around wishing the brands good luck. We sat together as a team and saw in real time results coming in, and then we made optimizations throughout the night to make sure that we maximized our performance,” Bissell said.

“This year, admittedly, looks a little bit different. So the team set up a war room-type atmosphere at our office in Shanghai, I streamed in for the first two hours and got to see sales coming in and wish the team good luck. I, admittedly, got some sleep. But I know the team in China worked very hard throughout the night. And I think they’re looking forward to getting some rest today after the event.”