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iPhones to oranges – brands in final countdown to launch millions of deals and new products

Discounts will be available on more than 16 million products during the final 24 hours of the 11.11 shopping festival.

The second and final shopping window of this year’s event begins at midnight on November 11, and Alibaba is flagging up even more markdowns and promotions than in the festival’s first window, which ran November 1-3.

More than 3 million products going on sale during the event are making their 11.11 debut this year.

The range of goods available is dizzying, from big ticket items including cars, to personal electronics, clothing, and even fresh fruit.

Apple’s Tmall Flagship Store re-released the iPhone 12 series on November 5, between the two 11.11 shopping windows, and immediately shot to the top of Weibo’s trending topics. The new iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Mini and iPhone 12 Pro Max were made available for presales on Apple’s Tmall Flagship Store and the official Apple website a day later.

Agricultural products are also expected to be big sellers at this year’s festival. This year, consumers can enjoy pomelos from Fujian, oranges from Yunnan, potatoes from Gansu and many other farm-to-platform goods from across China. 

There are also imported agricultural products, including cherries that have flown 56 hours from Chile to Shanghai, and premium Russian steaks that have been delivered at – 18°C through a cold-chain logistics network from Moscow via Vladivostok to reach Chinese consumers. 

For the first time in the history of 11.11, which launched in 2009, Alibaba is this year running two sales periods a week apart, to give brands more time to make connections with consumers – and give shoppers more time to buy.

Sales in the first window, which was open November 1-3, show “strong results” according to Alibaba, which says its online platforms were heaving as the clock struck midnight on November 1. More than 14 million items were available to buy.