Legend of high fashion on why she’s embracing all things digital in China

Fashion designer Diane Von Furstenberg has been quick to seize upon the range of digital and e-commerce opportunities in China, as she explained during the just-ended 11.11 shopping festival.

“I love to live my time,” she said. “And we right now we live this incredible revolution, the digital revolution. And it is fascinating.”

“What is really interesting is right now with COVID and everything that’s happening in the world, we have two energies that pull us on one hand closer to nature, and discovering more and more the beauty of nature. And on the other hand, what has happened is we have had an acceleration to the virtual world. So I love nature, and I love the virtual world.”

The Diane von Furstenberg brand took part in the first livestreamed Shanghai Fashion Week, and during the just-finished 11.11 shopping festival, beat last year’s 11.11 sales record within just 23 minutes of the event beginning.

Diane von Furstenberg founded her line in 1972. The business is headquartered in New York City, with products sold in over 100 countries. Renowned for its iconic wrap dress and signature prints, the DVF range spans ready-to-wear fashion and accessories.

She said she had always been intrigued by China. 

“I am European, so for me, China, when I read about China as a little girl, it was really the grip of civilization,” she said. The Silk Road is one of the incredible things that China gave us. So I’ve always been fascinated by China. I’m a I’m a great fan of China. I love them. And maybe that’s why they love me too.”

The iconic DVF wrap dress is highly popular in China, and around the world, several decades on from when the design was first launched.

“Well, you know, when I created this dress, I was a very young girl myself, I was in my early 20s. And I never thought that I would create this dress that would last for generations,” von Furstenberg said.

“My mother wore it, my daughter, now my granddaughter, and it’s one of those things and I don’t think it is ever happened to any other dresses except the traditional Chinese qipao. So I think that’s a big compliment.”