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Vitamin specialist taps into health demands of youthful 11.11 audience

The British vitamin giant Vitabiotics has adapted its China offering to meet the needs of increasingly health-conscious young consumers, opening a second Tmall Global store in time for the 11.11 festival this year.

The brand has been selling online in China since 2015, having entered the market with a focus on mother and baby products, particularly its Pregnacare multivitamins for parents-to-be, along with vitamins for young children.

The new store offers products with broader appeal, and has been developed with China’s millennial customers in mind.

“It’s fascinating – this 11.11 is the largest 11.11 and the youngest 11.11 yet,” says Benji Lamb, Director of China Business Development for Vitabiotics.

“So there’s a very strong millennial consumer base who are looking for new healthcare products, premium overseas healthcare products, to fulfil a vast array of needs.

“We’re excited that we can plug into that younger demographic who will focus on prevention at a younger age.”

Vitabiotics is one of the leading UK vitamin brands. Since launching around 50 years ago, it has established a presence in over 100 countries.